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By df9|August 15, 2014|Content, User Guide|

While some people will be very busy with Clearing it should be a time when you might have a bit of time to take stock before the new academic year starts.

So, with that in mind, could you have a look at your department’s web site and see if things are out of date or need changing.

Obviously the most important thing to keep our offer up to date – the programmes and courses.

But at this time of year there are also staff and role changes so can you check your staff lists and make sure you have the correct head of department etc.

Finally if there is out of date information it should either be updated or deleted – so if there is a note about the 2002 ranking of a department or an advert for a conference that happened years ago they should be updated.

If you need a bit of a reminder on how to do things in the CMS there is a user guide which you can find at

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