Our time at Estonia’s Annual Commemorative Conference for the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations

By Fadil Elobeid|April 20, 2020|News|1 comments

A blog by CISD students Jean Kostrzewski, Toma Moran and Anahita Ghanbari Parsa We were selected to attend Estonia’s Annual Commemorative Conference for the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, an event centred around encouraging intercultural dialogue between individuals, organisations and states to find meaningful ways to build peace in the current age. We were kindly hosted by PeaceChild International, a UK based charity focusing on youth entrepreneurship, employability, sustainable

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Sport and Diplomacy: More Than Just a Blog

By Fadil Elobeid|September 18, 2019|News|16 comments

A blog by CISD Student Mark Bekiet Whether the IOC or FIFA like it or not, sport and politics are inextricably linked. Once governing bodies comprehend this fact, the next stage should address how to utilise the universal language of sport for the betterment of humanity. Reassuringly, the recognition of this modern form of diplomacy is increasing exponentially among nation states and supranational organisations. This was proven on October 19th 2009

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Diplomacy Students Attend First Ever NATO Model Conference

By Fadil Elobeid|July 4, 2019|News|15 comments

This note is to express our gratitude for being invited to represent the delegation of the United States of America and Albania at the HCSS NATO Model Conference on cybersecurity at The Hague. We are grateful to the Centre of International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD) Department for their support and sponsorship.

CISD Study Tour visits Ethiopia for the first time

By Fadil Elobeid|May 10, 2019|News|24 comments

From the 8th to the 13th of April 2019 students and staff from the Centre for International Studies & Diplomacy undertook SOAS’s first study tour in Addis Ababa, arguably Africa’s political capital. The tour, led by CISD Director Dr Dan Plesch, and Royal African Society Director Dr Nicholas Westcott, visited a number of multilateral institutions, NGOs, Ethiopian government departments, and universities. The tour began by visiting the British Embassy in

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