SOAS roundtable on “Cyber-Diplomacy: international affairs in the digital age”

By Saeed Zeydabadi-Nejad|May 24, 2019|Latest news|0 comments

The Centre for International Studies & Diplomacy (CISD), hosted a roundtable discussion “Cyber-Diplomacy: international affairs in the digital age” on Thursday 23 May 2019. The debate featured a range of SOAS academics and external participants, and ran from 12:00-17:00. The event was held under Chatham House Rules.


In a moment reflecting the significance of visual language in digital diplomacy, the day began with a “groufie”, courtesy of Twiplomacy’s Matthias Lüfkens.

The first session focused on Shaun Riordan’s recent book “Cyberdiplomacy: Managing Security and Governance Online”, with responses from CISD’s Dr Dan Plesch and Dr Hanns Kendel.

The session then opened up to a wider debate aimed at defining “Cyberdiplomacy”, and featured remarks from Dr Nicholas Westcott, as well as video contributions from Alexander Evans, Director Cyber, UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and Dr Ilan Manor, author of “The Digitalization of Public Diplomacy“.


The second session, which was opened by Oxford University’s Dr Corneliu Bjola, focused on future developments in cyberdiplomacy.

Dr Katharina Hone made the following contribution on the role of Big Data in digital diplomacy.

The next two presenters discussed the importance of visual media within cyber/digital diplomacy. Matthias Lüfkens explored the significance of “selfie diplomacy”.

While Massimiliano Fusari from the University of Westminster discusses agency, medium and message within digital communications.

To keep up-to-date with news about cyberdiplomacy, follow the participants from the roundtable: @shaun_riordan, @Ilan_Manor,

@CBjola, @KatHone, @NickWestcottRAS, @DanPlesch, @drjsimonrofe, @Twiplomacy, @luefkens.




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